Sunday, April 16, 2017

Umbrella-Less Bitch

"Oh" shaped lips and a wide-eyed stare,
She cocks her hips and flips her hair.

The boys rush over to carry her things,
Just to get close to the girl of their dreams.

She hands off her work at the end of each week
With a hug and a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

It's been quite sometime since she's bought her own drink
'Cause checkbooks come out whenever she winks.

Then one fateful day, her eyes lost their glow,
And for the first time in years, she heard the word "no".

She swayed her hips, but the men ceased to come.
She puckered her lips, but they merely went numb.

No matter how much she batted her eyes,
She couldn't get love from any nice guys.

She giggled and flirted as much as she could,
But over and over it did her no good.

Time slipped by and she failed to learn
That what she wants she has to earn.

She carries no umbrella, even in the rain.
To this day, she waits there in vain
For a nice young boy to bear her brunt.
I hate that girl. She's such a cunt.

* * *

'Lil bit of poetry for you there. Hope you like it.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Recent Obsessions (Spring 2017)

Honestly, this blog is all over the place. But if it's meant to be a representation of me, then I suppose this works. Sometimes I want to write about emotional ambivalence, and other times I want to write about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. In no particular order, here are my recent obsessions.

The 1975. I first listened to their stuff when I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware if it came out because Dodie Clark a.k.a. doddleoddle a.k.a. an amazing YouTuber and musician started raving about it nonstop. It was one of those situations where I thought the album was good but didn't really vibe with it, so I didn't give it much more than that initial listen. A few months later I started just listening to it as I did homework and came to really appreciate every note and lyric. Fast forward a year, and I find myself absolutely obsessed with the entire album and their first album The 1975. Ugh. (Or should I say UGH!) Just the way Matty Healy croons when he sings makes me want to stab myself a thousand times. And those first few notes in "Robbers" pull on my heart every damn time.
Avatar: The Last Airbender. I've loved this show for years, but a video of Zuko and Azula's agni kai during Sozin's Comet popped up on my Facebook feed a few weeks ago and reignited (ba dum cha) my love for the entire show. First of all can we discuss the genius that is Zuko's character arc? His entire internal struggle with his moral compass is so complex and well-written--not to mention his incredible determination and relentless drive. He yearns to learn more and prove his worth, so he gets off his ass and does it. Beyond that, all of Team Avatar is just so inspirational. They all developed this absolutely fucking fantastic mastery of their skills. Their work ethics are just so admirable. On a related note, I've also been loving @punziella's fan art. I found her through Yuri On Ice fan art, but she also does ATLA stuff and it's ridiculously cool.
Converse High-Tops. I'm up to three pairs now: pink, yellow, and pale blue (which just so happen to be the colors of the pansexuality flag--an incredible accident). Let me preface this by saying I'm obsessed with the movie Edge of Seventeen and Hailee Steinfeld's look. The black sheer tights with the funky sneakers are the definition of cool. It's getting a little warm for sheer tights (but trust me, I was wearing them all winter), so I've been doing what I can with obnoxiously vibrant high tops. I love walking around in them and pretending I'm dramatically stomping out my angst. Okay, maybe sometimes I'm not pretending. Whatever. Let's move on.
Dan and Phil. It's no secret that I love these two. I've been a hardcore phangirl for three years now (where the hell has my life gone?), but lately I swear they're fucking with us. I mean for fucks sake they post multiple videos per week now, Dan's over here doing fan service for the lols, and can we talk about their goddamn insta posts and tweets? What is this domestic shit? Cute vacation updates from Phil? And Dan Howell you can't just go around posting mirror selfies like that whenever you please? It's extremely rude?
Yoga. As of recent, I've been taking yoga more seriously. I really want to advance in my practice--improve my mental health, become stronger, learn cool tricks. This past February, I made it a priority to do yoga every day, and although it was hard to squeeze it into my schedule every day, the results were worth the effort. My confidence skyrocketed because my physical health was taken care of, and my energy was up, which made me incredibly productive. As of now, I'm working on gaining strength. I've been working towards becoming a good example of a strong, independent woman, and for me, part of that is acquiring physical strength. You always here that a girl needs a strong guy to protect her. I used to think so too, but I don't buy that anymore. My well-being should not be reliant on other people. I want to take on that responsibility.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not under the illusion that I could kick anyone's ass in a fight, but making an effort to minimize my weaknesses feels like a step in the right direction. And I just want to do awesome shit. I want to stand on my head and walk around on my hands and do standing splits. All of those things are currently in the works--I'll keep you updated.

That's all for now, folks. Talk to you soon.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017


(NC-17, trigger warning)

            She treats me like shit. I failed to realize that at first. Call it naivete, but for some time my faith in her seemed undying. I genuinely believed she wanted me to have the best, to be the best. Fucking hate how I’m constantly wrong. That woman despises me. She conditioned me to drown myself in disbelief whenever loved ones showered me with affection. Here I thought she wanted to protect me from vulnerability, but I see now that she just didn’t want anyone coaxing me away from her. She trained me to yearn for a superiority that she hid from me because she knew that if she could shroud me in failure that I’d never leave her. She’s locked me in this goddamn room to shield me from danger but she’s done nothing but destroy me since I fucking got here.
            Every day this woman makes me grit my teeth harder and force my nails deeper into my palms. Before, I just hated how she didn’t let me have friends, how she kept me from being a normal child who laughs and tells secrets and hugs—oh god I remember those. I miss those. As I got older, I resented the way she constantly hovered around me, watching and judging every flick of my wrist, every bat of my eye. Eventually I even grew to despise her short steps, her curt gestures, her sharp breaths. Each and every aspect of her existence made me want to kill myself. And she ran such a tight ship. I couldn’t get away with shit. One slouch or smile or sigh and I was a goner; never quite as gone as I hoped for, though.
            But lately, she’s slipping. Maybe it’s wishful seeing, but each of her steps, blinks, sighs, seems less deliberate somehow. Like her guard’s coming down. Or she’s tired. I mean we’re both tired, aren’t we? She hasn’t taken it out of me, though—not yet, not anytime soon. At least for now, I’ve still got it, that something, and I intend to use it before she drains me of it. Every time she blinks and leaves her eyes shut for that one extra sliver of a moment, it grows inside of me, gets stronger, and convinces me escape is a possibility.
            Surely freedom exists in my future. It must, right? A scenario in which I’m happy must reside in the near future. And a life—a real life—is surely waiting for me somewhere. I will get out of here, and I will find it. Won’t I?
            I almost can’t remember a time where I wasn’t here—in this room she keeps me in. I’ve become hyper aware of any and all details of this room, though I suppose that happens when you watch time pass through an isolated space. See, at first I considered the room quite plain. Even under close inspection, I found nothing but a dull beige sucking the life out of every corner. Everything blended together such that details—individual nuances, unique flaws—appeared nonexistent. But monotony is a masterful disguise, and over the years, little treasures slowly revealed themselves like creatures hesitantly emerging from their shadowy hideaways: the startling squeak of the bed frame, the scratches that litter the bookshelf, the splotches that pattern the worn carpet. As of now, I’ve counted all the cracks on the walls and can tell you exactly which ones propagate up to the ceiling. I know how many times the bed squeaks when I climb in every night and how many times it groans when I crawl out every morning. I know which stains look like countries and old presidents and which ones are nothing more than formless blobs.
            But make no mistake, I’m not so naïve that I’d say I know everything about this room—I don’t. As time goes on, I will see more and more things with new yet older eyes. And although I desperately want to get out of here, part me wonders if anything worthwhile awaits my discovery.
            With three squeaks and a groan from my bed frame, I settle under my old blankets for the night, tracing my fingers along the cheap fabric. When I first got here, these blankets stank of stale sweat and felt like a disappointing newspaper-rag hybrid, but they’re not so bad anymore. They’re gently layered with my scent and have softened in their old age. I suppose time and its wear have their benefits. With any luck, they’ll assist me in my escape. Just this once, I allow a smile to skip over my lips at the thought as my eyelids sink shut. Breathe in. Breathe out.
*          *          *
            Colors rush past me as my feet urgently pound against the ground, fueled by an energy that feels nostalgic. I draw power from the vibrant blues and greens and golds that surround me. I haven’t seen those colors in years. The faster I move, the more colors I see, and soon I’m enveloped in swirls of orange and pink and yellow flecks, so I run faster and faster—chasing this contagious warmth. Reds and purples fly by and evolve into rich blues and deep greys. The colors stop moving as my feet come to a standstill, suddenly numb with fascination. Calm. There’s a certain pain in my chest, but I feel incredibly calm somehow. In some strange way, the weight feels natural. At some point, I find myself lying down, absorbing the grey.
            My eyelids sink shut. Breathe in. A hand slithers up my thigh while a ghastly breath crawls over my neck. Fingers leave a trail of goosebumps as they obnoxiously saunter up my waist towards my chest. My breath hitches, and every part of my body simultaneously tenses and contracts inwards in a painful cringe as the hand presses into my crotch. My eyes snap open and fall upon his wrinkled brow and scrunched up nose. With a distant yet invasive voice he croons, “Relax honey, you’re in safe hands. You trust me, don’t you?”
            Before I even form a response, I notice my clothes being removed—dissipating into the dark grey abyss at his every touch. Frozen. My hands and my mouth and my legs lock in place, and I internally curse them for failing me again. Staring blankly ahead, I will the end to approach quickly. I desperately try to remember the colors: the pinks and yellows from the time before. In a numbing, frantic delirium I attempt to convince myself that I wanted this. I wanted it. I asked for it.
            There are fingers inside of me. There are fucking fingers inside of me and they’re writhing and I’m screaming and they’re writhing and I’M SCREAMING.
            I slam my eyes shut to try to block it out, to block him out—him and his too big, repulsive face and his sweaty hands. I squeeze my eyelids together tighter and tighter until everything turns black. Breathe out.
*          *          *
            The world around me retires to its usual beige, and I remember why I’m here. I’m damp with the memory of a different pain and the acknowledgement that she does protect me. She separates me from people because people don’t want me. They want what they can get from me. They do nothing but invade and exploit because they’re selfish.

            All these years, and I’m still ridiculously naïve. I tighten my grip on my blankets and lament that somehow I’ve grown more ignorant with time. To think I wanted to go back to that hellhole where reds and blacks reign in a predatory rage. To think I forgot about the safety that comes with living in a faded world. I came here for a reason, and a good one at that.

This is the first time I've written fiction in over a year, but I'm glad to be back at it. Hope you like it! I'm writing every day in April, so hopefully there's more to come.

Poorly drawn digital art by yours truly.

Also, not based on personal experience so no need to worry about me.


Friday, October 28, 2016

Look How Cute My Socks Are

I want to claw my arms off
And scratch this evil itch.
But I smile with my eyes
And pretend that I am fine.

I swear to you they hate me.
They want me to disappear.
But I smile with my eyes
And pretend that I am fine.

This entire thing is stupid.
I'm just wasting my time.
But I smile with my eyes
And pretend that I am fine.

Sleep is the best part of my day.
That's kind of sad isn't it?
But I'll smile with my eyes
And pretend that I am fine.

I'm all alone in this world.
What's the point of existing?
I'll just smile with my eyes
And pretend that I am fine.

Please just take me back.
My life here is pathetic.
Smile with your eyes.
Pretend that you are fine.

You're fine.
I'm fine.

I'm fine.

Nothingness pulses through my body,
But I'm smiling with my eyes.
I'm mastering the art of pretending to be fine.

* * *

Sorry for being an emo poet (and a below average one, at that). It's been a rough week and these words randomly came to me in the shower, so I figured I'd get them down.

Happy Halloweekend!


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sketchbook Peekity Doo

I really only like the eyes in this drawing, so I didn't include the rest.
This was the first time I tried cross-hatching, and I kind of overdid it. But I kind of got the vibe right, so I'm happy with it.

I was having some Nick and Jess (from New Girl) feels, so I drew the moment after their first kiss.
The water looks so stupid, I know, but I really like how the hands turned out.
The writing in the corner says "a portrait of the artist" (referring to me haha).
Some phanart with lyrics from "Drumming Song" by Florence + The Machine.
Lyrics from "Tear in My Heart" by Twenty One Pilots.
Lyrics from "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men.
Phanart inspired by legitimate Dan quote.
Hope you liked gandering at my art. Most of it's kind of average, but it gives my mind and my hands something to do, so I like it.

I have two really awesome (in my opinion) posts coming up. One is mostly prepared and will be up sometime next week. The other is still in the planning stage (I just had the idea yesterday), but I'm super excited about it. Just a head's up. More for me than the 7 people who read this thing haha.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tea Party and an Update

dress: Free People; bag: Marshall's; socks: Kenneth Cole; shoes: LoveD

Alright, well if you've been here for the past month, you'd notice that all I've been writing are one-shot drabbles. Drabbles because I get these random ideas for moments to write about, but I can't be bothered to sit down and develop them into more sophisticated pieces. One-shot because I'm too impatient to give the piece proper editing time. It seems very lazy and possibly wasteful, but the way I see it, at least I've got the ideas down. That way if I want to, I can come back and add depth and complexity or whatever to the pieces later.

I've actually been getting a lot of random shots of inspiration. Most of those turn into mediocre sketches in my sketchbook. I mentioned it in my last post, but my next post is going to be a peek into my sketchbook--which'll hopefully be fun. Not everything I've drawn this summer has been in my sketchbook, though. I actually have a fair few amount of things I've drawn/created for my dorm room. I'll hold off on showing those here until I do a dorm post (which will be in mid to late September). I have loads of cute plans for my room, so hopefully that'll be an aesthetically pleasing post.

Speaking of things I plan to do when I go back to school... I've decided to try and continue my yoga practice during fall quarter. Okay that sounded way ore dramatic than I intended. So I've been doing yoga since I was eleven, but for the most part I stop during the school year because I get preoccupied. After seeing how stressed and depressed I got during the school year, my mom suggested I take yoga classes at school. I agree that the exercise and time away from my desk will help me relax, so hopefully I'll stick to it! Besides, I've been getting a lot of physical benefits out of my practice lately. I try to go to two classes a week: one meditative and one vinyasa. That means that once a week I get to feel calm and tingly, and once a week I get to feel sweaty and powerful. Ideally, when I mix those feelings in with high-strung and busy, I'll get happy and energized. Fingers crossed!

The other week I accidentally caught an episode of Gilmore Girls on ABC Family (or Freeform, as it's now called), and I got hooked again. Have you ever watched it? The banter and the light drama are absolutely ace. And I cannot wait until she meets Logan!! They just started showing season five, and Logan comes in on the third episode of season five (I just looked it up--I'm not totally obsessed). My absolute favorite episode has got to be when Rory follows Logan to the Life and Death Brigade retreat. That dress he gets her is stunning, and the whole event is just so grand and amazing. Sigh. I just love a grand gesture.

Hey, let's talk outfit! Haven't done that in ages. So my roommate flew down for a weekend and wanted to take some cute photos of us. I figured I'd take advantage of the opportunity and get some cute blog photos while we were at the location. I knew that there were lots of fun backdrops here, so I wanted to pick an outfit that was quirky enough to match the vibe, but not loud enough to clash. I opted for a dress with a rather simple pattern, but I decided to go for my signature look and throw a second pattern into the mix. The silhouette of the dress and the wedges create a very soft and girly vibe that reminded me of a tea party. Hence the name of this post. Ta da!

Sorry if that was a bit rambly, but I had fun! It's been awhile since I've done a more casual post. How have you been? Anything new and exciting in your life? New clothes? New people? New home decor? Leave me a comment, I'd love to know.


Sunday, July 31, 2016

Feel Anything (Drabble)

We'd stepped outside for a quick study break and found ourselves settling into the field nearby. All I could hear was wind gliding past the trees and the soft breathing of the moon. After three hours of being affronted by the constant buzz of the fluorescent lights in the library, this was nice. I heard a light sigh from a couple inches away.

"What's wrong, Erin? Tired?"

"Yeah, kind of." She paused. "I dunno, there's just a lot going on."

I scrunched my eyebrows together before questioning, "Like with school?"

She shuffled pensively and sighed again. "Do you ever feel like you have too many emotions? Like there's more energy or feelings sitting in your body than there's supposed to be?"

I blinked back and exhaled. "I guess sometimes. Like when I'm excited about something. Is that what you mean?"

"Not exactly... I mean sometimes I've got all this energy, and it makes me want to do something big. Sometimes I'll just be sitting there, and then all of a sudden my heart starts racing, and I just get this urge to find a friend and start laughing--

"Is that why you randomly showed up at my room yesterday?"

"Or I want to run forever or talk for hours or do something big. And happy, ya know?"

There was a quick pulse in my chest when I asked, "Like falling in love?"

Erin shot up to sit and face me. "Yes! Exactly! I just feel this need to do something grand and wonderful. Something significant."

Raising my eyebrow, I glanced at her. "Well that sounds great. Why'd you sound so down about it a minute ago?"

Her gaze dropped to hands, and she began to pick at her nails. She let out a light chuckle and said, "Well it's only like that half the time. And even so, it kind of sucks wanting to fall in love and having no one to fall in love with."

"You could fall in love with me," I joked, and she just laughed. A soft laugh that rang through the night and mingled with the stars.

"But half of the time there's just so many emotions that I just kind of go numb. Like I sit there with something swirling inside of me, but my head feels empty and I don't want to move. Occasionally it'll last awhile, and it makes me feel trapped. Then I start thinking about those bad things I told you about."

I pressed my lips together in a line and brought my gaze up to meet hers. She was staring off into the space behind me, her eyes a mix of exhaustion and daze. She worries me sometimes. "Please don't."

"I don't choose to," she replied curtly. "It just happens sometimes."

With a heavy sigh, I lifted myself up so I was sat in front of her. "I know, I'm sorry. Can I do anything? I want to help."

She forgave me with a smile and laughed gently before looking at me. "Thank you. That means a lot."

I gave her a confused grin and teased, "Hey. You didn't tell me what to do!"

"Just be here. Be my friend, please."

I held her hand and her gaze. "Always."

The photo above is something I drew last night while watching Friends. I've actually been drawing a ton recently, so I'm thinking of doing a little peek-into-my-sketchbook type post soon. So look forward to that! Or don't. To each her own.